Tuition & Enrollment

The center has a capacity for 163 children at one time: approximately 24 infants, 31 toddlers and 108 pre-school/prekindergarten aged children.

Full-time Tuition Costs*

Infants $1,966 per month
Toddlers $1,966 per month
Two-Year-Olds $1,625 per month
Preschool/Kindergarten Prep $1,487 per month

If a family has one child currently enrolled in the child care center, the family will be given a special preference for the enrollment of a second child. Note, however, that no sibling discount will be given.

Part-Time Care

Two-day (Tuesdays/Thursdays) and three-day (Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays) “part-time” schedules are available. Scheduled days must be the same each week. Although families are free to drop their children off at any time throughout the day, there is no reduction in tuition for part-day schedules.

Enrollment Process

Families first need to complete a Pre-Enrollment Interest/Waiting List Application form. The Enrollment Interest Form and $150 registration fee may then be submitted to:

Washington University Family Learning Center
840 Rosedale Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63112

or via campus mail:

Campus Box 1237

After a family is offered enrollment via email, the family will receive a full enrollment packet and schedule an intake meeting to meet their child(ren)’s classroom teachers at least one week ahead of the child(ren)’s scheduled first day.

Equal-Opportunity Enrollment

Washington University in St. Louis faculty, staff, and full-time graduate and professional students each have an equal opportunity to enroll their child(ren). Siblings of currently enrolled children typically have priority for enrollment. There may be additional occasions when an exception is made for a key recruitment situation. These decisions will be made at the discretion of Washington University.

Extended Absences

If a family is away for an extended period of time and would like to be guaranteed a slot when returning, payment for the slot will be required. Families will also have the option of providing thirty-day notice prior to leaving and being placed on the enrollment waiting list if/when they are returning.

Last Day

Families are required to provide a thirty-day notice prior to leaving the center to receive any refunds; tuition is charged one month in advance.

*Annual tuition increase effective September 1